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IGN: As7iNoS
By As7iNoS » 3 months ago
This is our first post so we decided to give you some information about us. We are an old team of 4 people. The things that we've been doing were creating networks for different peoples around the world for more than 7 years. Now we decided that its time to run our own network. Thats why we represent you Exeridus.

What is Exeridus?
Exeridus is a new network that is combining servers like Factions, Survival, Skyblock, Creative, Survival Games, The Lab, Bed Wars, VampireZ, Arena Brawl and many more. Our priority is quality (we want to bring you an amazing gameplay). We are still in the beginning and we want to hear your ideas. Simply use our forums and maybe one day your idea might be in the network.

When is the network going to be fully functional?
We will run the servers one by one. Right now Factions, Survival Games, Bed Wars and The Lab are running. We have some more work to finish them but they are playable.

All we ask is to give us the chance to bring you the quality you need for a normal gameplay.
Join us.

Exeridus Team