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IGN: As7iNoS
By As7iNoS » 2 months ago
In this update we have some bug fixes to Survival PvP, Survival Games, The Lab and Bed Wars

The official launch date is 25th December. This means that our store has 50% discount using the code: launch

The updates list:
- Survival PvP
- Bed Wars
- Survival Games
- The Lab

Survival PvP:
- Fixed some vote links.
- Fixed vote shop.
- Fixed Vote and Exeridus Crates.
- Some performance optimizations.
- Pre-loaded the normal, nether and the end worlds for faster chunk response.
- Right now we are working over Vehicles. We are fixing the shops.

Bed Wars:
- Optimizations for some maps. There are still some buggy maps (working on a fix)
- Kits are being created expect them in the following day.
- Bug fixes and optimizations.

Survival Games:
- One new map have been added. San Andreas can be found now in the SG lobbies.
- Kits have been added. Expect more kits soon. If you have ideas for kits just share them with us.
- Bug fixes and optimizations.

The Lab:
- Bug fixes and optimizations.

As I shared with you before we are working over 4 specific minigames. Tower Defence, Sky Wars, Arena Brawl and VampireZ. Sky Wars is getting its own server soon. We are almost ready with it so we just need some maps and a good lobby. If you are a builder you can make a topic in Sky Wars section with link to map/lobby. We do want to see your creations.

Exeridus Team